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DayPor (Entire Album) (Explicit)



About the artist

Marquise Deshawn Edwards, also known as KKRIS, is a small town music producer from Shelbyville, Texas. Since the release of his debut album New Mix, KKRIS has came a long way. Working year round working on music and Good Girl On The Run. December 13, 2015, a year later after the release of New Mix, KKRIS released Good Girl On The Run. Good Girl On The Run was not popular around town due to genre mixture in the album, all but for Listen. Listen was the only song from the album that was actually worth listening to. As Listen came had its fame and shined for about a week, 8 days later KKRIS dropped Dozen Roses-EP. Dozen Roses-EP was the first EP KKRIS released, and just like Good Girl On The Run, that didn’t do so well, but it showed that he was serious about what he was doing. Moving on into January, KKRIS planned to release another EP named NU-DEST(NU-DISCO SPECIAL). The name for this particular EP was because KKRIS produced these songs under NU-DISCO, hence the name Retro Disco only available on the official website. Wasn’t long after KKRIS began to gain some attention for his music. February 8, 2016 DayPor was released. This time around 3 songs were downloaded and streamed over 500 times. Like it, End and Drop It Down Low. Gold Matters is a promo EP for upcoming album Revelations but is only available on official website and exclusively only on GOOGLE PLAY.
Revelations is the upcoming 2016/17 Album from KKRIS. Revelations EP was unveiled on March 18, 2016 as a Pre-Order only. Revelations is the only song available for the EP right now.
The official Revelations is available for Pre-Order March 28, 2016 but is limited to only non album songs. Revelations EP will be released on April 11th.
Revelations is the 2016 album released by KKRIS on May 8th.
Candy Love Single: Candy love is the single from his previous album. Candy love was cut from Revaltions, but released as a Promotional single for his new upcoming Album.
Recap 2016:
Recap 2016 is the first fledge EP for 2016. We dont know if Recap ’16 is part of the upcoming album or just Promotional singles.
X aka 10:
10 Is the album we been waiting for since the late release if Revelations. 10 was announced July 4th 2016 at Midnight. We dont know much about the album but we know that the album wont be released till September or October. Leave Me is one of the new songs from the album thst was announced. Leave Me and the 2 Remixes are exclusively available on Google Play.
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They may ask for credit card information through Google Play, but it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged!


February 8, 2016
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