Free Amazon Android App of the Day 8/30/2016

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City Play Premium

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 8/30/2016 only!

Normally $0.99 but for today it is FREE!!

City Play Premium

Product Features

  • high quality building graphics,
  • more than 80 different types of buildings,
  • changing vehicle traffic on the roads, animated cars and buses,
  • a unique road construction system,
  • strategy and simulation: together in one city builder tycoon
  • city builder game for all ages,
  • be a city building tycoon,
  • artificial intelligence based on real simulation of in and out moving tenants
  • unexpected catastrophe simulations,
  • Travis the city adviser will give you hints,

Product Description

CityPlay is a city builder simulation-strategy game where your goal is to extract all the necessary raw materials and generate food. You have wood, brick, wheat, meat, and products. During your game play, the extracted materials are needed for developing new buildings by mining rocks or planting trees and growing wheat. Your shops can open if there are enough citizens and sell their products. Shops generate you coins so you can build a larger City.

The player’s main task is to build houses so that more and more people move to the city. The residents can only move in if there are enough jobs and there are enough shops and basic supply system such as a fire department or the police department. The stores are use up the wheat, meat and products however they produce coins which can be used to build more buildings. As the city evolves and more and more people move to the regions, they open up new opportunities and new buildings: town hall, service buildings and recreational facilities awaiting new tenants.

The players have to pay attention: sometimes accidents happen, fires and robberies that may affect your city, so you must have sufficient supplies in all regions, sufficient parks so that residents are always happy to occupy the new regions. Happy citizens will help grow your city and create more income for you to spend improving your city even bigger.

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