Free Amazon Android App of the Day 7/26/2016

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Barnyard Games For Kids

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 7/26/2016 only!

Normally $1.99 but for today it is FREE!!

Barnyard Games For Kids (Underground)

Product Features

  • 12 games in one
  • Learn counting, the alphabet, shapes, and colors
  • Educational and fun at the same time
  • Colorful graphics and real animal sounds
  • High-res graphics perfect for the Kindle

Product Description

12 games in one! 12 fun and educational games for toddlers and kids. Barnyard Games for Kids has colorful graphics, animal sound effects, helpful voice narrating, and lots of fun. Have your kids learn while being entertained! Ages 18 months and up.

Games Include:
Tap Farm, an interactive farm with fun animations and sounds
Shapes and Colors, identify the correct color and shape including circles, triangles, squares, and more
Alphabet Bounce, learn the alphabet with helpful voice narration
Balloon Burst, a fun game to encourage hand eye coordination
Animal Find, learn how to follow directions and identify objects
Animal Puzzles, put together fun farm scenes
Counting Jumble, learn how to count numbers 1-10
Alphabet and Number Bingo, helpful voices call out numbers and letters to identify
Animal Memory, match the animals to the card
Fruit Slingshot, pure fun and entertainment for your kiddo
Shadow Matching, improve critical thinking by identifying a shadow and outline
Toy Box Numbers, help with numbers and counting while putting toys away

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