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The Heaven Switch

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The Heaven Switch  (Entire Album


The Heaven Switch

About the artist

Building upon his strengths as a solo artist, Ryan Calhoun’s newest project, The Heaven Switch, plays as the next chapter of the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter’s young and promising career. Those familiar with Calhoun’s last album, “Everything That I’m Not” will not be disappointed with this next step in his musical journey. The Heaven Switch promises to build on the success and fan base Calhoun has already cultivated through his impressive array of television and film placements. With five songs reaching Top 10 placement on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart (including his breakout single, “Who We are” at #1), the album “Everything That I’m Not” reaching #3, a couple million listens on Myspace, and 30,000 singles sold is a testament to the simple power of a great song and a great voice. Working with producers Bill Lefler (Plain White T’s; Gym Class Heroes; Tyrone Wells), Mike Green (Beyoncé; Paramore; Boys Like Girls), and Dallas Kruse to achieve a fuller, more robust sound. The Heaven Switch boils down his innate love of crossover, guitar-oriented bands from his late-1990s youth, into a polished array of sweet heartstring ballads and sing-along anthems. The songs of The Heaven Switch grew directly out of Calhoun’s experiences, which at the time was colored by struggles, heartache, and the strength to move on, all while trying to retain some balance in his personal life. With a tour currently being planned for the Spring and his album set for release on January 24th, 2012, The Heaven Switch is poised to reengage Calhoun’s loyal fans while also speaking to a whole new set of curious ears who simply want to hear great songs.


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January 24, 2012
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