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Jana Kramer

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Jana Kramer

About the artist

“Love,” the debut single from Jana Kramer’s sophomore album, is the perfect musical statement for the singer-songwriter as a woman and an award-winning artist. As its mono-monikered title suggests, “Love” “simply yet profoundly captures the many facets of our most powerful emotion while revealing the edgy authenticity of one of country’s finest vocal stylists.
“This song is all about hope and believing in love and it’s not just about the love of a romantic relationship,” she says. “It’s about the love between a mother and daughter, giving back and paying it forward. If you look, there is love all around you. To me, it’s all about believing in love.
“I wanted something to truly show me to a core of who I am as an artist and a person, and this song really showcases that, especially about how I love to love,” she says. “I love giving back and paying it forward and loving with my whole heart. People want to know me? Well, this is me.”
Kramer is one of the most successful new female artists to emerge in the last few years. She was named the Academy of Country Music’s 2013 New Female Vocalist of the Year and earned the title of the most-played debut artist at country radio in 2012. She was one of the fastest-rising debut artists of 2012 and performed hundreds of shows across the nation. Her self-titled debut album received tremendous critical praise and hit the Top 5 on the Billboard country albums chart, while “Why Ya Wanna” reached No. 3 on the country radio chart.
“This entire album will be a real eye-opener not only for Jana’s fans, but also for people who haven’t discovered her yet,” says Scott Hendricks, executive vice president of A&R for Warner Music Nashville.
“She is a great stylist,” he says. “She doesn’t sound like anybody else. In a sea of female singers who are technically amazing, she sticks out because of the way she phrases things.”
Through the process of touring and recording her second album, she has also learned to believe in herself and trust her instincts. “I will always be changing, but where I am right now is 100 percent authentic of who I am and how I perform.
“I am serious and I am competitive,” says Kramer, who wrote six of the album’s 11 songs. “I am loving and I am fun. I am very sassy and I don’t back down. I still have that edge, but I am going to write songs from the heart and you’re going to know who I am through every song on the album. These 11 songs on this album are me to a ‘T’.”
During the last year, the Michigan native performed numerous songs she was considering for her album, and if her fans didn’t respond enthusiastically, the songs didn’t make the album. “I really want them to have a piece in this as well because if they are who I am singing to. I am here because of the fans, so they deserve to have input on my second album.
“My fans have continued to support me, even through some tough times. The excitement that they show me when I am on stage gives me confidence. When I go into the studio, I know I’m getting better every day. I sing with every bit of emotion in my body. I feel like I am giving them the best performance I can give.”


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June 8, 2016
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