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Lucy Ryder

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Stranger danger (Entire Album) (Explicit)


Lucy Ryder

About the artist

Lucy Ryder found it’s roots at the Berklee College of Music as a song writing project for singer Zach Watson. As he found his own sound he took the project to L.A. California where he formed a full band picking up bass aficionado Dane Angotti. After experimenting with the project around California eventually the original lineup dissolved due to non commitment and poor musicianship. Zach and Dane both moved to Austin, Tx. where the full line up was completed with the addition of virtuoso guitar player Martin Mueller and the phenomenal octopus of a drummer Andres Torres.

Lucy Ryder recorded their debut album Stranger Danger at Indy Fort Studios with the help of engineer Cory Dennis. The project was finally released in early 2012. Stranger Danger at it’s core is a good vibes Rock n’ Roll album but, to the attentive listener, spans a vast array of musical genres from Rockabilly in the opening track ‘Escucha’ to heavy funky blues in the album single ‘Dirty Liar’ to an the mic 90’s power rock in the closing track’Midwest’. Throughout the rest of the album you can expect to hear bits of ragtime, swing jazz, soul, and 70’s style bass driven classic rock. All wrapped up in a radio friendly rock song.

The looming question everyone has: What famous band does Lucy Ryder sound like? Every band has it’s own unique sound and Lucy Ryder is no different.But for the sake of answering the question Lead guitar player Marty has to say “…maybe The Raconteurs, Wilco here and there, Dane and I are big fans of Phish so there’s that jam bandy sound, Zach likes Classic rock and old school soul, Marvin Gaye, Andres is a big metal fan and I dig it too. At the end of the day though I hate that question. We sound like Lucy Ryder the same way Led Zeppelin sounds like Led Zeppelin.”

Lucy Ryder currently resides in Austin, Tx. and will continue to tour till America knows there’s more to the live music capitol of the world than Spoon.


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Rock/Alternative/Indie/Psychedelic Rock/Country/Rockabilly
March 1, 2012
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