Free Amazon Android App of the Day for 6/29/2016

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Scariest Game Ever!

Click image to enter!

Free Amazon Android App of the day for 6/29/2016 only!

Normally $11.99 but for today it is FREE!!

Scariest Game Ever!

Product Features

  • Unrelenting terror beyond imagination!
  • Unlockables and secrets
  • Escape and evade
  • Trust your instincts. See the signs, listen for the voice and run
  • Inspired by creepypasta, the stuff of nightmares

Product Description

You thought surviving five nights was hard? Play the game that scared 5 countries now!

A new genre of horror that changes everything you’ve ever known so far. The game mixes survival horror with unpredictable elements making each playthrough unique.

The game uses tension as the main factor, giving players the experience of facing something unkillable, unrelenting and unstoppable. What will you do when you are the prey and the only choice is to run?

Players use their surroundings to identify and escape from the monster. Rely on instincts and audio / visual cues to survive for another night.

Play now and experience horror and suspense like you’ve never before.

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