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Melaena Cadiz

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At the Symphony


Melaena Cadiz



About the artist


  • NPR: “Like an earthbound Joanna Newsom, Cadiz has a voice that grabs you within seconds.” 
  • Stereogum: “Her yearning for simplicity is mirrored in a minimal but powerful arrangement, just one example of why this album will be the perfect soundtrack for wanderlusting.” 
  • The FADER: “her Karen Dalton-meets-Joanna Newsom voice has an enchanted echo you wish would never end.”
  • VOGUE: On the Road with Folk Singer Melaena Cadiz and Fashion Photographer Mikael Kennedy “a meandering mix of country and folk that evokes the most isolated areas of the country and the people who call those places home.”
  • Daytrotter ”Melaena Cadiz chronicles the plights of the searchers, of the reachers, and of all those helplessly apart people operating deep below heaven. The landscapes she drafts up in these gorgeous songs are about winning and losing, usually a little of both, which feels natural.”
  • CMT Edge: Melaena Cadiz throws the dishes in “Swinging Low”  
  • American Songwriter: Video Premiere  ”the galloping, lyrical ‘Neon Drag’ sounds like: vintage Bob Dylan meets Emmylou”

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March 4, 2016
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