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MisEuphoria (Entire Album) (Explicit)



About the artist

In an age dominated by DJs and dance clubs, MisEuphoria is a rock band that fights to keep live music significant. Each of its four members is a specialist dedicated to their individual craft. The resulting product is a masterpiece of quality, creativity and focused enthusiasm that can be modified to fit any venue or private party’s needs. MisEuphoria offers a wide array of music. Their catalog ranges from original material that takes straight up rock and roll and flavors it with the styles of each of its members to an ever expanding library
of covers spanning the decades from the 50’s to modern day.

In addition to an exhaustive range of musical content, MisEuphoria also offers versatility regarding the level of sound. They have developed setup that includes all electronic gear complete with electronic drums to ensure volume control in any setting. This unique customization grants total control of the volume without sacrificing any of the sound quality. This allows a diverse set of options, from the power needed for an outdoor music festival to a full band sound at the comfortable volume of an acoustic duo, and every setting in between. MisEuphoria has the talent and the professionalism that will keep any venue or private party captivated all night long.

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Rock/Alternative/Indie/Punk/Metal/Alt Metal
May 14, 2005
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