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Thom Lyons

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 Thom Lyons

About the artist

Thom Lyons is a singer songwriter born and raised in London who, in early 2011, packed a suitcase and a guitar and traveled some 5000 miles to start a new life in the beautiful city of Portland Oregon. It was the start of a musical rediscovery of sorts, and the songs that began to pour out marked a shift towards the rootsy folk rock he had grown up loving from the likes of Counting Crows, Whiskeytown and REM, tempered with the pop sensibilities of older favorites like Tom Petty and Elton John. Employing a combination of beautifully crafted songs and a staggering voice that can jump from a rich, weathered baritone to a soaring falsetto, Thom has been winning over audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. The summer of 2012 will see the release of his debut album, which should only serve to strengthen the reputation of this rising star.
What others are saying:
“Thom Lyons brought lyrics and melody back to a scene where relying on rhyming “love” with “dove” had become too easy. He gave London a shot in the arm, then left us for America. We want him back!”
Emma Wilson – River Gibbs FM
“His bluesy and lovable vocal’s go perfectly with his catchy and at times heart-wrenching lyrics.”
Leah S. Pritchett – Outloud Magazine
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January 1, 2011
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