Free Amazon Android App of the Day 4/13/2016

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11 Fun Brain Puzzle Games package

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 4/13/2016 only!

Normally $1.49 but for today it is FREE!!


11 Fun Brain Puzzle Games package

Product Features

  • 11 puzzle and memory brain games
  • Test your quick basic math solving skills
  • Try to break the secret code using logic and reasoning
  • Fine tune your spatial reasoning

Product Description

This game app includes 11 puzzle and memory games to help your mind focus, retain, and solve. No interruptions, advertisements or in-app purchases.

1) Lights Off – Turn off all of the lights with the fewest moves. It’s trickier than you think! The game begins with a board of 25 lights set to ON (yellow). You must turn all of the lights OFF (blue). It’s harder to do than it sounds. Each time you turn a light on or off, it also toggles each adjacent (up, down, left, right) light on or off. After a few tries you will get the hang of it. How consistently can you solve the puzzle? Can you solve it in 10 or fewer moves?

2) Lights Off Pattern Match – Android chooses a pattern. Using the rules of the previous Lights Off game, try to duplicate the pattern chosen by Android. You have 30 seconds.

3) Three Seconds Math – Quickly decide if the simple math equation is right or wrong within 3 seconds.

4, 5, 6) Sliding Tile Puzzles, 3 games in one – choose from 8 Square, 15 Square, or 24 Square. This is an old game and I am sure you know what to do. Slide the tiles around to place them in increasing numerical order in the least number of moves.
Start the game by choosing a randomly arranged board or play with the board populated in decreasing numerical order.

7) Towers of Hanoi – Move the disks from Tower 1 to Tower 3. Certain rules apply:
A) You can only move the top disk in each Tower.
B) You cannot place a larger disk on top of a smaller disk.
Touch on a Tower or its base to raise the top disk from the stack. Drag the disk over to the desired Tower or its base, and release.
This game has 8 levels, giving you 10 disks total. Moving 10 disks will take a minimum of 1023 moves to solve. You must complete one level before progressing to the next.
Have fun!

8) Copy Cat Memory Game – Simple, straightforward fun memory game. Repeat the patterns and see how many you can remember. For an extra challenge, try the No Repeats feature to prevent 2 colors in a row or the Reverse Mode where you need to repeat the sequence in reverse. You can also set Android’s game speed.

9) Flip 2 Memory Game – Concentration memory match game. Flip 2 tiles at a time and match pairs of shapes. The play speeds up as the levels increment. The music tracks are exciting and fun, especially at the higher levels where you have to be lighting fast. Family friendly game, fun for kids.

10) Dodge Walls- Test your reflexes by dodging brick walls in this accelerating linear racetrack game.

11) Cows and Bulls – Android will choose a random secret code and you must try to guess it. If a digit in your guess matches the same position in the secret code, then you are awarded a BULL. If you guess a digit that is in the secret code, but in a different position, you are awarded a COW. If no digit in your guess is contained in the secret code, CRICKETS will chirp. You have 10 guesses to break the secret code. The digits in the code do not repeat. Good luck!

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