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Semi Sweet

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Semi Sweet (Entire Album


Semi Sweet



About the artist

..One band that is ready to take the bitter with the sweet is Orange County’s sexed-up post-punk dream pop pretties, Semi Sweet. With music that spirals through an erotic entryway into a nocturnal wonderland, one would imagine a group of darkly-tinged individuals. But Semi Sweet prove that they are a multifaceted punch to the palate and partial to good-spirited mischievous revelry–both as a band and as a collection of personalities… When listening to their two EP’s, self-titled Semi Sweet and A Little Bitter, I was reminded of the sprawling, shoegaze-y

sound of Silver lake veterans, Auto lux, and the raw,grunge-grit of the seemingly-defunct Verbena. ..Semi Sweet is a band that elicits complex feeling,pleasurably overwhelming with the amount of variant musical influences that make up their songwriting process to create a product which they cheekily describe as Bitch Pop.”

by Nadia Noir of Kroq

Read full article at: [OC Music Awards Interview] Semi Sweet Rock Out With Full-Flavored Attitude

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January 1, 2012
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