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 Stuck in a Second








About the artist


Wildhart‘s debut EP, EP1, commences with a countdown of a space shuttle launch, and it is quickly followed by harrowing vocals supported and a delicate instrumental track. These types of openers are rarely ever memorable and often are forgettable, as they can serve very little purpose and feel like a waste of time and space. But “Intro”isn’t that at all. It’s the prelude to something that could be either cataclysmic or spectacular or maybe even both, and it’s a great introduction to Wildhart’s spatial and dreamy soundscapes.

While there are many bands creating lavish and ethereal music, few are able to do it in a way that relies of subtlety, tempo, and pace to create these moments of euphoria. Wildhart, though, have perfected these skills. Never do any of their debut album’s songs feel heavy, overproduced, or over saturated with unnecessary beats and rhythms. Instead, they have created an album that is completely immersive, where the listener feels like she is part of the entire process, that he is the one at the center of the song. These are skills even the most seasoned musician fails to master.

While “Intro” sets the tone, “Stuck In A Second” seduces us with its shimmering synth-pop overtones that is reminiscent of HÆLOS. “Fantasy” follows and it’s one of those rare tracks where its title matches the vibe. The song is delicate but stunning, filled with a rich array of textures and layers, particularly the soulful piano number and front woman Ylva Holmdahl’s angelic voice. All you want to do is close your eyes and get lost in this imaginary world that Wildhart has created.  READ MORE


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March 4, 2016
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