Free Amazon Android App of the Day 3/14/2016

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Kids Bux Allowance and Chore Tracker 3

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 3/14/2016 only!

Normally $0.99 but for today it is FREE!

Kids Bux Allowance and Chore Tracker 3

Product Features

  • Easy
  • Fun
  • No ads

Product Description

Kids Bux – a revolutionary way to track your children’s chores and allowance! Unlike other apps, you DON’T HAVE TO TRACK EACH CHORE EACH DAY! No more tedious data entry for parents with the Kids Bux assume feature. Way faster and easier than other apps! We found in our own use that daily tracking by parents became a chore (for the parent!), so we developed the feature to save our precious time.
Kids Bux allows parents to enter a weekly allowance that is automatically added (as needed) to the child’s account when you logon. Parents also enter children’s chores as daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly. Chores not done are marked, and a money penalty is taken from the child’s total. See how quick that is! Only mark those not done – this is an enormous timesaver for busy families.
Also our core feature of money tracking has been improved. Use Kids Bux to add money to the child’s account, and withdraw when money is spent. Always know how much money the child has.
All data is stored in the cloud, so if both parents have the app, each has an instant update to the child’s account, knowing at all times how much the child can (or cannot!) spend.

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