Free Amazon Android App of the Day 3/24/2016

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Ice Fishing Derby Premium

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 3/24/2016 only!

Normally $2.99 but for today it is FREE!!

Ice Fishing Derby Premium

Product Features

  • Start with basic gear and work your way up during a 5 day tournament
  • Catch bluegills, crappie, perch, walleye and northern pike
  • Full of humorous twists and unexpected opportunities

Product Description

It’s a five day fishing derby with a twist. The forecast for the first day is pretty nice, but it’s going to get much, much colder as the days go by. Start each day at the bait shop to get the tackle you need. Catch bluegills, crappie, perch, walleyes and northern pike. At the end of each day you’ll collect cash at the weigh-in for the fish you’ve caught. Be sure to earn enough to pay for a portable shelter and heater or you’re not likely to survive. Start with some basic gear and catch some panfish, then work your way up to catching the bigger fish. Once you have the necessities you might get yourself a sonar flasher or even an underwater camera system so you can see what’s happening under the ice. Your goal is simple: Survive the tournament, and earn as much money as possible. Other fishermen may offer you some interesting trades out on the lake, but be careful what deals you accept!

The Premium version is ad-free, all items are unlocked in the bait shop, and you start each tournament with more shopping money than you do in the free version.

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