Free Amazon Android App of the Day 3/17/2016

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Four Short Lines - A Clever Word Game

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 3/17/2016 only!

Normally $0.99 but for today it is FREE!!

Four Short Lines – A Clever Word Game

Product Features

  • Over 800 Word Levels!
  • Get Reward for Playing!
  • Hints and Powers to Help You Solve Puzzles
  • Easy to Pick Up and Play

Product Description

How are your word association skills? Your vocabulary? Come test out your word smarts with “Four Short Lines”, an amazingly addictive word puzzle that will have you playing for hours!

Clear the cobwebs from your brain and test out your word puzzle solving abilities by figuring out the common connection between four short phrases. It might sound easy but the word that ties together the other phrases isn’t always be obvious. The answer you’re looking for could be an analogy, synonym, or something else. This is where you’ll want to pull out your lateral thinking skills!

How to play:
You’ll be given four short lines and below them, empty spaces where you’ll fill in the letters to make up the common word. Using the built-in keyboard, tap the letters to enter your answer and see if you’re correct! Not the right answer? Just delete the letters and try again. To remove letters, you can use the backspace button or simply tap on the letter(s) you want to delete.

If you find yourself stuck on any given puzzle, try using one of the two available power-ups to get some valuable hints. One will reveal a letter within the answer to help get you on the right path. The other power-up will remove all of the unnecessary letters on the keyboard, leaving you only with the letters that make up the answer.

For every level successfully completed, you’ll receive 10 in-game currency coins. Can’t get enough of solving these tricky word puzzles? That’s perfect because for every new day that you play, you’ll be rewarded with an additional 15 coins! Keep these coins on hand to buy those power-ups when you need help on the harder levels. (There are no in-app purchases within the game.)

This super addictive word game is something you’ll definitely want to keep on hand to play whenever you have some free time or are up for a mental challenge!

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