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Hans Presents Money Music (Entire Album) (Explicit)



About the artist

Hans is a San Francisco Bay Area musician who formed the group “Hat Trix” in early 2001. He made his first appearance on the 2004 album “Tricks of the Trade” which quickly sold out within weeks of its first release. Since then, Hans has released over 15 albums with Hat Trix and featured on numerous projects; and has even had toys designed after his likenesses. His most notable appearances have been with names such as Crazy Town, Michael Marshall, The Conscious Daughters, Turf Talk andNocturnal Hustlers. While he began music mainly as a rapper, Hans now emphasizes the importance of his musical versatility by producing, writing, mixing and mastering all of his own projects and artwork; often times with fellow musician, Mic the Producer.¬†

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Hip-Hop/Rap/Old School Hip-Hop/Indie/Underground Hip-Hop/West Coast Hip-Hop/Dance/Electronic Soundtracks
September 1, 2013
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