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Kill The Noise & Tommy Trash

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Louder (feat. Rock City)


Kill The Noise & Tommy Trash

About the artist

“Louder” is an energetic electro-house track from Kill The Noise and Tommy Trash. The track was originally released as a single is 2014, and served as the anthem for the duo’s North American tour. Rock City’s vocals swiftly build the track’s ominous intro into a hard-hitting drop full of heavy drums and signature growls.

The music of Jake Stanczak, better known as American producer and DJ, Kill the Noise, was born out of an era where Ridley Scott imagined utopian futures on the silver screen, and artists like NIN and Aphex Twin rocked MTV.

After channeling the influences of his youth through over a decades’ worth of forward ­driven electronic releases (Roots, Kill Kill Kill, Black Magic), and charismatic live shows (Coachella, EDC Lollapalooza), the name “Kill the Noise” has become synonymous with some of the leading acts in dance music — getting creative in the studio with the likes of Tommy Trash, Deadmau5 and Skrillex — and as 2014 unfolds, he’ll be unveiling even more material.

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May 12, 2015
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