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Ashley Monroe

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The Blade (Entire Album)


Ashley Monroe

About the artist



The Blade is the third studio album by American country music artist Ashley Monroe, released on July 24, 2015, through Warner Bros. Nashville. The album was produced by Vince Gill and Justin Niebank and includes the lead single “On to Something Good.” The album made numerous “Best Albums of 2015” lists and is nominated for Best Country Album at the 58th Grammy Awards. Description provided by Wikipedia under Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 4.0


When it comes to country music, Ashley Monroe has a deep-seated fear — that she won’t feel a damn thing. For the Tennessee-born singer, whose passion for traditional country is matched only by her gift for crisp, clever songwriting, music has to elicit a palpable response. Or else? “Country music is so special to me, it scares me if I hear a song and don’t feel anything. It really throws me for a loop. It’s just noise,” she says. For her upcoming album then,Monroe committed herself to writing and recording songs that will make both her and her listeners cry, laugh, think and relate. Set for a June release, the record is the follow-up to 2013’s critically acclaimed Like a Rose, which included the sublime — and alternatingly bawdy and poignant — singles “Weed Instead of Roses,” “You Got Me” and the title track. Monroe views it as Chapter 2, but says she’s a much more direct person than she was when writing Like a Rose. “The first record is me. That’s the roots, the base of me. And I had a good vision for that,” she says, “but I’ve grown since that first record and I have an even more clear vision. I know what I want and it’s ok to say what I want.” Produced by Vince Gill and Justin Niebank, who also oversaw Like a Rose, the new album features soulful lead single “On to Something Good,” written with Barry Dean and Luke Laird. Driven by a Muscle Shoals backseat, the song is Monroe at her most upbeat. Which surprises even her. “It’s hard for me to write up-tempo songs. I want to write a ballad or a waltz all the time,” she says. But”On to Something Good” provides her with a chance to groove, and leave behind some of the angst that informed Like a Rose. “For many reasons in my life, I could have sat in sadness and let that over come me. But you can’t stay at the bottom forever,especially if you keep moving. I’m a better dancer when I don’t look down.” Instead, Monroe is unfailingly looking ahead: to hernew music and to a busy summer of touring. She’ll be on the road with Miranda Lambert, with whom she co-wrote a song for the new album, and then with Little Big Town. She’s also looking forward to her music helping others as it has her. “Music has always been in my soul and a part of me. It feels really good now to be 28 years old and know that I get to do this,” Monroe says. “Obviously, I want mass appeal — not for money and fame — but because these songs have been written for a reason. I have great faith and hope that this record can heal people.”


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July 24, 2015
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