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Jeff Buckley

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Grace (Google Play Bonus Track Version)  (Entire Album)


Jeff Buckley

About the artist


Jeffrey Scott “Jeff” Buckley, raised as Scott “Scottie”Moorhead, was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. After a decade as a session guitarist in Los Angeles, Buckley amassed a following in the early 1990s by playing cover songs at venues in Manhattan’s East Village, such as Sin-é, gradually focusing more on his own material. After rebuffing much interest from record labels and his father’s manager Herb Cohen, he signed with Columbia,recruited a band, and recorded what would be his only studio album, Grace, in 1994. Rolling Stone considers him one of the greatest singers of all time. Over the following two years, the band toured widely to promote the album, including concerts in the U.S.,Europe, Japan, and Australia. In 1996, they stoppedtouring and made sporadic attempts to recordBuckley’s second album in New York with TomVerlaine as producer. In 1997, Buckley moved to Memphis, Tennessee, to resume work on the album,to be titled My Sweetheart the Drunk, recording many four-track demos while also playing weekly solo shows at a local venue.

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