Free Amazon Android App of the Day 1/26/2016

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Fairy Donuts Make & Bake FULL

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 1/26/2016 only!

Normally $3.99 but for today it is FREE!!

Fairy Donuts Make & Bake FULL

Product Features

  • Play 4 different donuts baking games with fun cooking tasks!
  • Have fun in 3 different locations: donut van, cloud castle and factory!
  • Play with 3 adorable donuts chefs: fairy Anna, donut baker Emma and factory girl Angela!
  • Realistic and educational cooking activities!
  • Different donuts cooking processes from baking at home to donut factory and magical donuts cooking!
  • Mix and match 29 different items in donuts decoration mini game!
  • Collect 6 free stickers and make beautiful compositions on a sticker board!
  • Enjoy stunning game graphics and interactive animations!
  • Listen for a beautiful music and special sound effects!


Product Description

Bake the most delicious donuts in the world with 3 adorable donut makers: Anna, Emma and Angela! Bake magical donuts in a cloud castle together with fairy donut maker Anna. Help baker Emma cook traditional donuts in her cute donut van. Visit donut chef Angela at the donut factory and bake tons of delicious donuts. Free your creativity and decorate all baked donuts as you like!

Game Features

Donut Van
Visit donut maker Emma in her girly donut van and bake the most delicious traditional donuts! Grab a bowl, mix yeast, butter and milk, crack a few eggs and add salt, sugar and flour. Whisk everything together and roll out the dough. Bake your donuts in hot oil until they are golden brown. Decorate them with sweet cream, delicious fruits, nuts, icing and sprinkles. Create the most beautiful donuts in the world!

Fairy Donuts
Do you want to bake donuts in a really magical way? Visit fairy chef Anna in her cloud castle and bake magical donuts there! Gather stars from the sky to make star flour and pour milk from the magical clouds. Ask your cute little friend bunny to get eggs from birds in the sky and bake your donuts in sunlight. When donuts are done cooking, cut them in a flower shape and decorate with the most delicious white chocolate cream!

Donut Factory
Take a chance to bake donuts in a real factory with donut maker Angela! Pour yeast and milk in a special donut cooking machine. Ask your dog Buddy for help, he will get you chicken eggs. Take donut machine’s sleeve to pour the dough on dough conveyor and cut out the perfect donuts with a laser. Carefully check each doughnut and remove things that do not belong next to this yummy dessert!

Donut Decoration
Donuts from the donuts factory are transported to donuts decoration center. Take a brush and color the donuts in your favorite colors and patterns. Create the most beautiful donut plate – add as many donuts as you like and decorate them with fruits, nuts, icing and sprinkles. Don’t forget to take a picture of your delicious donuts!

Get even 6 wonderful stickers for each level up and put them on a sticker board!

When you will be tired of baking and cooking, relax and watch movies together with your friends dog Buddy and bunny. Get extra coins for each movie you watch!

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