PINCHme December Sample Box

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NEW SAMPLES December 15th AT 12PM EST


Check out all the samples that you maybe able to get in your December box! PINCHme offers something new every month. In my box there  some goodies I had gotten to try out and show you an example of what you can receive too! In my box I got an align probiotic supplements are a good way to help your digestive tract to maintain a healthy balance and to help comfort your gut too. Also got some Splenda mini tablets for on the go and a DenTel floss pick. The come in handy and store easy in the purse for car. I also, got some snacks too! Orchard Valley’s Cranberry Almond Cashew trail mix and some POP works birthday cake popcorn. They were yummy and I didn’t feel bad for eating them because the calorie and sugar count wasn’t too bad! I have a little bottle of sunscreen from goddess garden that will do great for my face along with some No7 serum when I am out and about. Oh and some nail polish from Sinful Colors “Eva So Bright” Really looks good on my nails and last , but no least some breath right strips for the man of the house. If you missed them don’t worry because some of these will be available next month too! Since these boxes only come once a month you will get notified by email when to watch out for your next chance to fill your box with samples. Of course some samples run out faster than others, but there are always plenty to choose from. So by now you are thinking what’s the catch right? There are none really! Just tell them what you think about the product and give your honest opinion. If you are not a member you can join today for FREE and get ready for next month’s sample shipments. Do you have a PINCHme account? If not sign up today because after all if it s FREE! I look forward to seeing what PINCHme has to offer next year!

Be sure to check out the image below to see what was all in the box!

ScreenHunter_1628 Dec. 15 06.15

What has been your favorite sample from PINCHme so far?

If your not a member you can join today for FREE and get ready for next month’s sample shipments. Are you ready to start pinching?

More about PINCHme:
New samples are generally released once per month on a Tuesday. You can check the date for our next Sample Day by visiting our Website,  FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest page. Occasionally, we also release samples at other times during the month, so we suggest that you regularly log into your PINCHme account to see if you have any samples available to you to claim.

NEW SAMPLES December 15th AT 12PM EST

Disclosure: I did receive compensation/products for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.


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