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Steve Carroll

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Christmas Songs  (Entire Album)


Steve Carroll

About the artist

You may have found your way to my music in the distance between “top-forty” radio stations, perhaps you came to one of my shows, or maybe you heard of me through a friend.

However it is, I’d like to say welcome to my music, make yourself at home. I hope you find in these songs something worthwhile.

A couple of albums to listen for while you’re here:

California Sky – Spring ‘06:
I recorded and mixed my first album, California Sky, with the help of producer Bryan Cash. After two years of playing the Florida scene, this debut release subtly reflects my classical training in its arrangement, a little jazzy and with violin and cello thrown in for good measure.

bride – May ’07:
In the Spring of ’07, I was invited to attend a premier artist colony, called the Contemporary Music Center, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts. Part of my ‘homework’ there was recording, so I wrote and recorded “bride” with the help of some very talented friends.

Come December – December ‘07:
That Winter, I released my second studio album that year, the appropriately titled “Come December”. This one ,as well, was mixed and recorded at the Contemporary Music Center, much of it over an intense week long studio session.

Break me down – November ‘08:
After a two part East Coast/ So Cal tour, I sat down to record, at the time, my most upbeat, energetic cuts to date. Something unusual about Break me down was that I played every instrument myself and the acoustic feel of the album is really great.

the Sound – July ’09:
This album was recorded from March to July ’09, I say it sounds like musical wind. Here’s a fun fact for yah, the group that sang for ‘Folks like us’ had never heard the song before, just some random friends that agreed to sing last minute.

If you like live music, I play frequently around the LA area, so come and sing along.


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Folk Singer-Songwriter/Pop/Adult Contemporary/Acoustic/Rock Folk-Rock Holiday
December 9, 2011
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  1. You guys taking this week off?

  2. Thanks for sharing the free songs. I always forget to look.

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