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Brett Eldredge

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Illinois (Entire Album)


Brett Eldredge

About the artist

“With three consecutive #1 hits (all of which he co-wrote) and the CMA New artist of the Year trophy, Brett Eldredge has a gained a lot of attention going into his sophomore album. And with his infectious new single “Lose My Mind,” Eldredge is set to garner even more. “Momentum is a beautiful thing,” Eldredge said. “I remember when I had no momentum at all, just a dream in my heart. And I chased it down that way, just taking every little baby step to something bigger and trying to focus on the music first.”
“Lose My Mind” is the first single from Eldredge’s soon to be released album Illinois, out Sept 11.. The song is an upbeat, groove-centric look at the power of attraction, written by Eldredge, Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan, the same team that brought you some of the best moments on Eldredge’s debut album, 2013’s BRING YOU BACK.
“We’ve always connected in a special way,” Eldredge said of the close friends. “We have a magic thing in the writing room and as a friendship, too. I’ve known Ross and Heather from when we were singing at songwriters’ shows and none of us had a cut to our name: People that had nothing going, but had a dream to get to the spot where we are now. So it’s kind of cool that we’re taking on the world.” Eldredge established himself as an artist with a unique vision on his run of No. 1 hits “Don’t Ya,” “Beat of the Music” and “Mean to Me” from BRING YOU BACK. Those songs were the culmination of a different kind of journey to Music Row, by way of small-town Illinois and a love for big voices like Ronnie Dunn and Frank Sinatra, that shaped his unique sound.
Eldredge chases those sounds even further afield on “Lose My Mind.” “I grew up listening to soul and blues and I love Ray Charles,” Eldredge said. “There’s a little part in there that has a little Ray Charlesesque kind of thing. It was just something new and different and fun that I hadn’t gotten do yet and really wanted to explore. People just started going crazy for it.”
Eldredge has been co-producing tracks for the new album with Copperman and says he’ll be writing and recording until the day the album’s due, searching for the most interesting sounds they can find. Eldredge believes they have a special relationship, one that’s going to keep the momentum rolling. “We just have this unspoken thing together,” Eldredge said. “You can’t really describe how we tell each other what we both hear, but we both hear the same kind of stuff. I’ll sing a guitar part the way I hear it in my head and he’ll know exactly what it sounds like. That’s the most beautiful form of language to me: When you really connect in that magical place of songwriting and music.”
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September 11, 2015
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