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Air Waves

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Air Waves

About the artist

While attending Purchase College Nicole Schneit aka Air Waves met Dan Deacon, a friend and former collaborator who once described her comforting songs as something akin to “a favorite blanket wrapped around you.” Though she played in several bands in college (including the noise jam band Ferrari with Deacon) she eventually shifted her focus to writing and recording intimate pop songs under the name Air Waves, a moniker inspired by the title of a Guided by Voices song.
In 2010 Schneit released Dungeon Dots, an album which Aquarius Records called “…pretty much perfect pop music.” After extensive touring in support of that album, she took some time off from writing. “It was crucial for my creative process to take a step back from making music. Part of being a performer is having confidence to just be vulnerable. I needed to regain that confidence to make an album again after Dungeon Dots,“ says Schneit. The vulnerability she speaks of is part of what makes her music as Air Waves so compelling. Even her fictional narratives employ an almost preternatural honesty that feels emotionally naked, exposed, and ultimately relatable. READ MORE


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September 18, 2015
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