Free Amazon Android App of the Day 12/24/2015

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Choo Choo Snow

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 12/24/2015 only!

Normally $1.99 but for today it is FREE!!


Choo Choo Snow

Product Features

  • Let your child interact with familiar Christmas Park objects and characters
  • Make the scene come to life by colouring every element using the Crayon Rack
  • Add/Remove objects using the Object Rack
  • Let your child move objects around and fully customize the scene
  • Capture your child’s work and share them
  • And lots more!

Product Description

Welcome to Choo Choo Snow!

Choo Choo Snow is about inspiring creativity and encouraging discovery among kids.

It starts with a familiar black and white scene of a Christmas Park and every child can make the scene come to life by colouring all the different elements and characters. Decorate the giant Christmas tree! Interact with familiar objects like snowmen, snowflakes, Santa and more!

Create a vivid and wonderful Christmas Park by colouring each of the elements using the Crayon Rack. Want to add a gift box or another Choo Choo character? Just open the Object Rack and grab one! Move and rearrange objects within the scene.

Drag the Choo Choo characters into the different objects in the scene and see what happens! Find out what happens when you drag a character into the Christmas tree!

Save your child’s masterpiece and share them to others!

We are dedicated to improving Choo Choo Snow, for suggestions and comments, please feel free to email us or find us on:

Twitter: @choochooapps

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