Don’t Forget To Change Your Humidifier Filter

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Don’t Forget To Change Your Humidifier Filter



It’s that time of year again, time to pull out the humidifier and get it up and going again. Some people get frequent nosebleeds this time of year and running the humidifier will give them some relief. Did you know that humidifiers also offer relief to conditions such as dry skin, and congestion related to common cold symptoms?

When setting up your humidifier, be sure and check your humidifier filter before adding the water. Did you change your humidifier filter out last year before you stored it or did you throw away your humidifier filter and need to pick up a new one? These filters are so easy to replace. Simply take the top off the machine, discard the old filter, put the new filter in place, put the top back on your humidifier and you’re set.

Finding a replacement humidifier filter is very simple when shopping online. When you are ready to purchase a new filter, make sure to get the correct one to fit the brand/model of your humidifier. Some of these filters will last six months, while others may recommend a replacement filter every two months. Humidifier filters are meant to be changed out every few months, so mark it on your calendar to ensure that you keep your humidifier running to its’ full potential. Did you know that mold spores can be blocked by using high efficiency ASHRAE air filters?

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