Free Amazon Android App of the Day 11/20/2015

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School Time FULL

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 11/20/2015 only!

Normally $2.99 but for today it is FREE!!

School Time FULL

Product Features

  • Play 5 back to school mini games with fun educational tasks for kids and toddlers!
  • Have fun in 4 locations: kitchen, classroom, doctor room and school yard!
  • Learn how to pack a lunch box and share with friends!
  • Learn how to clean up after lunch and classes!
  • Learn how to sort paper, plastic and glass waste!
  • Play doctor and learn how to take care of a friend after skateboard accident!
  • Realistic cooking, doctor and cleanup activities!
  • Collect 8 super cool school stickers!

Product Description

Play in school and learn outside the classroom! New and super fun School Time activities will show kids and toddlers how to prepare for school, what to do between classes, how to clean up your desk after school, and more!

Get ready for school and pack healthy lunch: make yummy sandwiches and add your favorite snacks. When the first lessons are over and it’s lunch break, have a tea party with friends in the school yard. If your friend gets hurt playing, take her to school doctor and learn how to give the first aid. When the last school bell rings, clean up your desk and get it ready for the next day at school!


School is much more fun if you bring homemade lunch. Learn how to pack a lunch box! Start from making sandwiches. Toast bread, add butter, slice lettuce, tomato and cucumber and put them in your sandwich. Squeeze some ketchup and mustard, and add a few slices of cheese. Your sandwich looks so yummy! Pack it in your lunch box and choose your favorite juice, vegetables, fruits and sweet treats!

Make your lunch break special and have a tea party in the school yard! Grab a broom and sweep the tree branches, spread a picnic blanket on the ground and invite your classmates to join. Serve tea cups, plates and a teapot. Fill up the cups with warm tasty tea and enjoy a beautiful moment! Cut delicious cake into equal parts and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to clean up when tea party is over!

Oh no, little girl fell off the skateboard and got hurt! Take her to school doctor and learn how to give the first aid. Clean up and disinfect little girl’s bruises and cover them with bandages. Dress up little girl with protective helmet and give her a delicious candy to make the pain go away!

It’s always more fun to start a new day at school when your desk is tidy, right? So when the lessons are over, put your cleaning gloves on and clean your desk! Sort paper, plastic and glass trash. Choose the right cleaning tools to clean up the desk and drawer. When it looks fresh and new, create your dream school desk: decorate it with your favorite books, toys and flowers, choose a backpack and school supplies!

Get a cool sticker every time you reach a new level and collect them all on a blackboard!

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