It’s a Silverlit Toy Robot Giveaway

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It’s a Silverlit Toy Robot Giveaway USA only, ends October 23, 2015 12:00am.

Sponsored By:
 Silverlit Toys

Open to United States residents only.


Given By: Night Helper Blog

As you know robots are a big hit. Every year there seem to be an increasing amount of tech toys like robotics that hits the market. Silverlit Toys Company is one of the leading best tech companies that offers some unique tech toys!


This is where the “Blu-Bot” comes into play. It’s one of the first intelligent Bluetooth robots that will have your kids and family mesmerized by all its cool technical features!


The Blu-Bot can move back and forward, to left and right, hold items, can wave. You can also record messages and playback with the voice changer, switch to dance mode so he can bust a mood for you like “moon dancing” and much more!

Enter in to win your very own Blu-Bot from Silverlit Toys (ARV $59).

Giveaway open to ages 18+ and residents of the United States only and ends 10/23/2015.

Do you know any robot fans who would love to have this toy?

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  1. Lena Mccurdy says

    his intelligent

  2. Lena Mccurdy says

    his intelligent

  3. Julie Lundstrom says

    My son would have have fun with many features of the robot. He would like it holding things but he would really have fun with it changing voices and dancing. This looks like a really cool toy for Christmas.

  4. Julie Lundstrom says

    I would love to win his for my son. He has autism and he loves tech toys.

  5. The life I have been given has been made up of challenges and smiles. It has been a struggle with being diagnosed with a condition that would change my life to this very day and beyond! There are sure more days to come that would be a struggle but I would love to be selected for this particular prize as it would be that friend in which I have never had to this date! If won it will be shared with others as an inspiration, along with that of hopes that I might find a way for it to help others with my disabilities!

    Dont forget to enter that of the other sweepstakes / contests!

    • I heartily value this manufacturer as they (Silverlit Toys Company) is one of the leading best tech companies and I’d be honored to win / test this toy which like the business offers some unique tech gadgets!

  6. Cathy Jarolin says

    I Just Love this Little Silver Robot! He is adorable~ I love that he can walk and Hold things! I have always been fascinated with little Robots.. He can also Wave! That makes him so special in my eyes. It would be so Awesome to win This Smart Silver Robot!!

  7. Cathy Jarolin says

    My Favorite feature on the Silverlit Toy Robot is his ability to move his legs and arms in a variety of different ways! He is really a Smart Tech Toy!

  8. Cathy Jarolin says

    No I have never heard of the Best Buy New Halloween Prank Website! But I have heard of it now! I took the opportunity to check it out.. Its really a cool website. Shows you through a video the different ways you can use tech products to make things move and make noises. It could be a Family Project to make your home the Spookiest on Halloween!

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