Golden Blossom Honey Review

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Golden Blossom Honey

Honey is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. I prefer to call it “liquid gold” because it truly is nature at its best. I almost feel bad because it takes a long time for a honeybee to make the honey and they also need some to survive during the winter months. We should appreciate honeybees for their honey and pollination services because the really do make our world go round! Did you know that all bottled honey are not the same? The taste and texture of the honey will differ by location, climate and even flower or crop that the bee is pollinating. There are so many beneficial uses for honey. Honey contains vitamins and antioxidants and can be used in so many ways and just about everything these days either call for honey or honey is already added.

Golden Blossom Honey


Golden Blossom Honey






Pollination Planet











Golden Blossom Honey – Genuine Natural Pure Honey Is made in the United States and is made of a sweet combination of a few flowers  “three types of honey” to give it a light golden color similar to apple juice. The texture is very fine and smooth and at a medium consistency. Very sweet, but not over powering and would be wonderful on biscuits, oatmeal, Greek yogurt and a sweet honey glaze for that holiday ham. Not sure on what you can make Golden Blossom Honey has a large variety of recipes and so far this one is our favorite (Roasted Potatoes). I look forward to trying most if not all of these recipes in the future.

Golden Blossom Organic White Forest Honey is a blend of organic honeys sourced from Brazil. Perfect for baking or in your cup of tea, we’re sure you will agree that Organic White Forest Honey is the tastiest organic honey there is! I must say I have tried a lot of honey in my day, but this on is new and it is wonderful! I truly completes a cup of tea whether it be hot or cold and I think I would prefer to use it for such. The White Forest Honey is much darker tone in the color amber with a fair consistency as well. It is very sweet at first, but then hits me with a bit of dryness or woodsy flavor. It really is the perfect blend. Also, Golden Blossom Honey teamed up with Pollination Planet and portion of proceeds go to them!

Honey has a wonderful shelf life and can be store for years if properly sealed.


Golden Blossom Honey and Greek Yogurt



So if you like honey as much as I do you can find tons of things it can be use for such as; facials, shampoos, cold remedies, sooth burns and baking! Bee-warned honey maybe tempting to eat!


Keep an eye out for your chance to try Golden Blossom Honey for yourself plus a few extras!

More about Golden Blossom Honey:


Family Owned and Operated since 1921

In 1921, the late John G. Paton founded a bulk honey company in northern California and decided to give it his own name. After several years of operation on the west coast, Mr. Paton moved the business to New York in order to take advantage of the prosperous marketplaces of the northeast. John H. Paton, son of the founder, joined the company in 1929 and created the GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY blend two years later. In 1932, the GOLDEN BLOSSOM brand was introduced to the public. Through advertising and promotion far ahead of its time, GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY became a household name with market share reaching over 60 percent in the metropolitan New York market in just a few short years. Consumers have long recognized the green and gold label, unchanged for generations, as a symbol of quality. GOLDEN BLOSSOM is composed of three honeys; extra-white clover, sage buckwheat and orange blossom. This unique blend gives GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY a distinct flavor, color and fragrance possessed by no other brand. GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY is a product of the U.S.A. and comes entirely from U.S. beekeepers, who receive a bonus from John Paton, Inc. for the high quality honey that they provide. All GOLDEN BLOSSOM items are packed in accordance with the standards set forth by the Orthodox Union with the 24 ounce size also packed Kosher for Passover. GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY has expanded its distribution over the years, and despite being a regional operation, is the # 2 ranked brand nationally according to both IRI and Neilsen data sources.  John Paton, Inc. is a family owned and operated company.

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“Bee” sure to keep an eye out for Golden Blossom Honey at your local grocery stores.

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says

    My family uses alot of honey. I have never heard of this company but I will be checking it out. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. Lula Ruger says

    We love to use honey ! We try to use it in place of sugar when we can and really stock up during the winter months

  3. Jeanna Massman says

    I love that honey is a natural sweetener. It does not contain some of the chemicals and preservatives some other sweeteners do!

  4. I like that honey is a more natural form of sugar and isn’t super sweet!

  5. My husband has always used honey instead of sugar. He says it tastes better and it is better for you.

  6. I love how silky honey taste & how it gives you a warm feeling.

  7. Annamarie V says

    I love the natural taste and sweetness of honey, it’s what I prefer to put in my coffee and of course tea.

  8. I like the fact that Honey is a natural sweetener…much better than refined sugar cane!

  9. Dorothy Teel says

    I love how soothing honey is in a cup of tea when feeling down and need alittle push, honey makes food taste better and brings on pleasant memories of my growing up and my mom giving me tea with honey when I felt bad.

  10. rochelle haynes says

    I like honey and it is good for colds too

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