Golden Blossom Honey and Tea Giveaway

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Hosted By: MumbleBeeInc
Sponsored By: Golden Blossom Honey
Golden Blossom Honey is a unique blend of 3 different honeys, sourced 100% from the U.S.A. Each of our products is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, and a limited amount of our 24oz and 40oz sizes are packed Kosher for Passover.Golden Blossom introduces Organic White Forest Honey, a blend of organic honeys sourced from Brazil. Perfect for baking or in your cup of tea, we’re sure you’ll agree that Organic White Forest Honey is the tastiest organic honey there is!
(Historic Royal Palaces) Earl Grey Imperial – This tea was in the original five teas that made up our Historic Royal Palace tea line. The tin is a lovely blue that is reminiscent of the sapphires found in the Tower of London’s Crown Jewels. We blended a special Earl Grey for this occasion. It is stronger in body than the Earl Grey Supreme (a nod to our British cousins’ taste for strong teas.) And the lemony bergamot is also stronger than our other Earl Greys.
Hot Cinnamon Spice – This is one of our oldest flavored tea blends. John Harney developed it at the beginning of the 1980s. Over the decades its popularity has only grown, so that now it is our most popular tea. People love its combination of strong spices and sweetness. And since there is no sugars (we tested it), it is safe for everyone to enjoy.
Check out the review HERE.
Giveaway Info:
One winner will receive the following prize pack:
  • 1- HRP (Historic Royal Palaces) Earl Grey Imperial – 30 Sachet Tin
  • 1- HRP Hot Cinnamon Spice – 30 Sachet Tin 
  • 1- 24oz bottle Golden Blossom Honey
  • 1- 12oz bottle Golden Blossom Organic Honey
1 lucky reader will win a honey and tea prize pack from Golden Blossom Honey. ARV ~ $40
Open to United States residents 18 years and older and ends on 10/18/2015 11:59 pm CST.
Good luck!


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  1. I like that honey makes a nice sweetener.

  2. I love honey on my toast and biscuits because it reminds me of my Grandpa’s honey farm that I used to visit when I was a little girl.

  3. I love baking with honey because it adds a whole additional dimension to my baked goods! It’s also the only thing that helps my sore throat during allergy season!

  4. I love that it is natural and tastes great! Great for what ails ya too.

  5. I love that it is organic, and a healthy way to sweeten tea.

  6. Peggy Johnson says

    I like the sweetness that honey brings and that it helps my scratchy morning throat.

  7. I like that honey is an all natural sweetener

  8. Love that it’s natural!

  9. I’m trying to stay away from added sugar but honey is still something I can have on oatmeal or in tea.

  10. Andrea Williams says

    I like that it is good for you, all natural and will never go bad.

  11. I like the taste and of course that its a natural sweetener.

  12. I love all the health benefits from honey

  13. I love that honey is a natural sweetner

  14. Because it is God’s pure liquid gold sweetener

  15. I love all of the natural health benefits of honey, like helping with allergies and soothing sore throats.

  16. Lorena Keech says

    I love the versatility of honey.

  17. thatpersonphil says

    love me some bee barf

  18. I like that honey lasts forever without spoiling.

  19. natural, healing, good for the skim, antibactirial

  20. I like that honey is so much more healthier for you than sugar. I like to have a little honey in my coffee every morning as well as substitute honey in a lot of my recipes.

  21. It is powerful nutrition.

  22. Honey is amazing in tea for soothing a sore throat. I can’t live without it!!!

  23. I love the healthy benefits of honey, and the taste, of course!

  24. I love the unique sweet taste of honey

  25. Derrick Johnson says

    I love the amazing taste! Its unmistakable!

  26. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says

    I like that it adds a sublte sweetness but also provides so many health benefits.

  27. honey always cures my sore throat

  28. Amanda Morris says

    I like that its sweet and is good for you

  29. jenny stratton says

    I love the sweet natural flavor

  30. i love that honey has antibacterial properties!

  31. I love that it’s natural, and that it have so many health benefits.

  32. I love that honey combined with oatmeal makes a wonderful face mask!

  33. kelly mcgrew says

    I love that it is all-natural and can have so many flavors unlike sugar~!

  34. Donna Cheatle says

    I love the health benefits that honey offers!

  35. I love the flavor of honey most. It’s sweet but also earthy and floral.

  36. I like the taste and color of honey. I’m a sucker for golds and the texture is pretty nice too.

  37. I like that honey is natural and contains vitamins.

  38. Heather McD. says

    I don’t have a huge sweet tooth so I don’t like overly sweet things. What I like about honey is that it is a sweetener that also brings flavor to what ever I put it in.

  39. I love to add honey to my tea, it gives it just the right amount of sweetness! 🙂

  40. I like honey, because it has such an unique taste that is delicious. I especially love putting it on cinnamon raisin toast with butter!

  41. I like the sweetness and the flavor.

  42. Sara Sullivan says

    I love that it is so much better for you than sugar! When I was a kid, my family didn’t eat sugar and my mom created all sorts of wonderful baked goods out of honey. My favorite is her honey pecan pie – yum!

  43. Beside the taste. I love that it helps my sore throat

  44. I love the taste of honey, I have it nearly every morning in my tea and oatmeal 🙂

  45. I like that honey is healthier than refined sugar

  46. Dallas Parks says

    There are so many good things to like about honey! Its an antibacterial, it helps coughs, it never goes bad (honey has been found and used after hundreds of years!), its all natural, the act of creating it helps the environment, and its delicious.

  47. I love honey on chicken nuggets.

  48. I love honey in my tea. Honey is essential in out home, especially during cold and flu season. My kids ask for honey tea, specifically, when they have a cold or sore throat. We love it.

  49. I like the smooth flavor in my tea or even to bake with.

  50. I think it’d be easier to say what/how I don’t like honey…and that is spilled or full of ants! Lol. Seriously though, honey is our sweetener of choice & a staple of our medicine cabinet.

  51. amy tolley says

    I love the taste of honey on biscuits and in my tea great flavor

  52. I like honey that has a hint of fruit

  53. Diane Estrella says

    I love it in my tea on a cold fall day!

  54. I love the taste of honey. I have a sweet tooth.. and it’s the one sweet I don’t feel so guilty about eating because it’s natural and
    good for you.

  55. the flavor and the color it adds

  56. I love the taste and viscosity,

  57. Missy Marie says

    I like that it is natural. Bee’s are so important for germination. We have 5 boxes.

  58. Angela Saver says

    I love that honey is a natural sweetener that tastes great! I bake bread with it every week! Love it!

  59. Tanya devenney says

    I love honey because its a natural sweetner and it never goes bad.

  60. like the taste of it

  61. I love using honey in my baking

  62. Tandi Cortez-Rios says

    I love the taste of honey.

  63. lindsay hess says

    I love the sweet taste of Honey . And I also love that I can add it to anything to make things taste great!!

  64. I love howitsoothes my throat when it’s sore

  65. lissa crane says

    I love everything about honey, but what is most important to me is that in this day and age of chemical sweeteners, honey is all natural! There is nothing better for my and my kiddo’s then all natural!

  66. Melissa B. says

    I like that I can use honey in place of sugar. It’s so much better for me.

  67. Lindsey Khatri says

    I love the health benefits of using Honey! It helps with my allergies and when my kids have a cough I always use honey!

  68. I love how good it is for you.

  69. Gina Gallagher says

    I love that honey has health benefits such as being a natural cough medicine (demulcent), treats wounds with its antibacterial, anti fungal and antioxidant properties, and if locally produced, honey can also reduce allergy symptoms! Plus it tastes great!

  70. I like the flavor.

  71. I like that it is a healthy all-natural sweetener! I like to put it in my tea!

  72. I love that honey tastes delicious in my tea and on my toast;,I love that local honey can help with seasonal allergies, I love that different honeys have different tastes, and I love honeybees. 🙂

  73. Lynne Marie says

    I just love the taste of it. I enjoy eating it straight out of the jar and I especially love the taste of locally produced honey that’s still in the honeycomb.

  74. I love that we can use honey in many ways, such as for food, drink, medicine or cosmetic industry…
    Thank You

  75. Melinda Stephens says

    I like the different flavors. I also love that it can actually help a sore throat.

  76. Breanna Pollard says

    I love the consistency and taste!

  77. chickie brewer says

    I like the smooth sweet taste it has especially when I drink coffee!

  78. I enjoy the taste using it in recipes.

  79. I like that is is natural and has so many benefits.

  80. Julie Waldron says

    I like that it’s natural and I like the taste of it.

  81. Ummm everything! Is there a wrong answer to this? Honey is the best!

  82. tracey johnson says

    I love that it is natural and I love the taste

  83. The taste is so good.

  84. Cheryl Larimer says

    I love the flavor of honey. I have only recently discovered how many totally different flavors of honey there are. Great on my toast; in my tea on straight up on a spoon.

  85. I like the sweet and mellow taste of Honey.

  86. I like the sweetness of honey

  87. Tracie Cooper says

    I love the health benefits and how yummy it tastes on biscuits!

  88. I’m a singer so I love how soothing it is on a sore or tired throat!

  89. Alison Matalanis says

    I love the extra flavor of honey beyond just being sweet!

  90. Brandy Williams says

    I like it is natural and helps with a sore throat and taste amazing.

  91. Katie Bellamy says

    I love that it’s a natural sweetener!

  92. Heidi Ingalls says

    I love that honey tastes good, is an excellent sweetener, and helps sore throats!

  93. I love the natural sweetness of honey. All it takes is a tsp in my tea and its perfect. I love my tea and honey! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  94. LYN WILLIAMS says

    Natural Sweetener

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