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Lunar Maps

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Lunar Maps (Entire Album)


Lunar Maps

About the artist

The concept for Lunar Maps began after hours in a seedy dive bar in a forgotten corner of San Diego’s East Village neighborhood where Mitch Wilson worked. It was during the late night shifts, with the slow whirl of the ever present mirror ball, that the songs began to take shape. Lunar Maps was born from a desire to make songs that would be at home in the shadows when most people had gone to bed.Mitch began sharing the new songs with his long time collaborator and friend, Brian Desjean, who helped him flesh them out. They had shared experiences touring the world for the better part of ten years in their previous band No Knife. Mitch and Brian were also joined by Bekkah Walker and Kyle Conwell (Panoply Academy and Tall Ships), Kyle Thompson (A notable local engineer and member of The Dolbies), and Melissa LaFara (The Lumps). Once assembled, they began to work on recording their debut full length LP (two songs had been recorded previously with Pall Jenkins of The Blackheart Procession at the helm. They are available online at The instruments (guitars, bass, keyboards, drum machines, melodica, etc.) were recorded over a period of months in evening sessions at Archival Sound, the studio where Mitch and Kyle Thompson both record and mix bands; for Mitch, Bekkah, and Melissa’s vocals they rented a Mid Century Modern house in Palm Springs where they recorded between lounging in the pool and having cocktails around the fire pit until the early morning hours. They wanted to capture the sense of luxury and decadence that had become the central theme of the album. Sonically they drew from bands like Tones On Tail, Wire, Cocteau Twins, Roxy Music, Tuxedomoon, Throbbing Gristle, and The Glove and mixed it with the modern sensibilities of Blonde Redhead, Air, Twin Shadow, and Celebration to create music that is hypnotic and driving.
This record is a brief introduction to evenings spent staying up late with friends and strangers, the open windows letting the night inside. It is a celebration of the senses and a casting away of the troubles of the day. It is a record for the after party- once the bars are closed and the streets are empty….a new soundtrack for your pleasure.
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Alternative/IndieNew Wave/Post-PunkGoth/Industrial/Indie
June 15, 2011
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