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Aladeen Alhayek

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The Aladeen LP (Entire Album)


Aladeen Alhayek

About the artist

Born In June 1990 in Austin, Texas, Palestinian-American Singer/Songwriter, Rapper and Music Producer Aladeen Alhayek has had the love for music since childhood. He has an ability to sing both Eastern and Western Styles of Music, often blending & merging them together, is fluent Singing in English and Arabic, and seldom singing other languages, as well as singing & producing music for both eastern and western styles and multiple genres of music. He also learned to rap at age 16 and has added hip-hop to his strong abilites as well. He has performed Nationwide in the U.S.A.from Chicago, Detroit, New York, Kansas City, Houston, Dallas, and more for 4 years, and at an event in the New York Area with 4000 attendees. It all started when he began singing at age 7, mainly singing Arabic songs at first, when he was living in Jordan for 3 years. In 2000 at Age 10, he performed his first live solo song in Arabic in a Benefit concert in New Jersey.

It wasn’t until 2003 at Age 13 when he moved to Dearborn, Michigan when he discovered that music can be recorded made on the computer, when he received his first keyboard and began producing and experimenting with the keyboard, it took 4 years to learn to produce well when in 2007 he bought his first studio recording microphone & when his friend Jay Baytiyeh introduced him to Fruity Loops Studio, where the ability to produce quality music became possible and easy, as he made a full length rap album of his own titled “Here & There” which was sold at his school and was well recieved by fans. In 2008 he moved to Dallas TX and produced an compilation Arabic EP based on classic songs titled “Mushtaag” which sold hundreds of cds at many Arabic Festivals and event. His friend Jay Baytiyeh and he produced a hip-hop oriented faith-inspired mixtape in 2009 called “Hope & Faith”.



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