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Unspoken Levels

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Welcome to Where you Are (Entire Album)


Unspoken Levels

About the artist

Unspoken Levels have been tapping into the conscious, spiritual hip hop vibe since 2003 with their debut album; Time to Change. The crew has since grown into a full blown mix of skilled lyricism, funky break beats, poetic catharsis, true turntablism, and some catchy hooks thrown in for good measure. The music is pure energy and the group has bumped the whole thing up a couple degrees on their fresh new album; Welcome to Where You Are (2010). On the new album, Unspoken Levels crew (Mr. Metaphysical, Idol-C, DJ Stillness and C-Mos) have reached out and collaborated with some of hip hop’s dopest, noteworthy emcees including: Gift of Gab from Blackalicious, Baba Zumbi from Zion-I, Raashan Ahmad from Crown City Rockers, Braille from Lightheaded, and Manchild from Mars Ill.
Pulling some serious inspiration from a lifetime of songs and experiences, the emcee brothers, Mr. Metaphysical and Idol-C, bring a fresh breath of clarity, peace, and urgency to the mic. All this is rooted in an eclectic foundation of progressive hip hop, produced with just as much love by the group’s resident DJs: brothers DJ Stillness and C-Mos.
Originally from Lubbock, TX, the two sets of two brothers formed Unspoken Levels in 2002 out of a shared love for hip hop. What started as a small-town family-and-friend’s pass time, has since grown into three full length albums, jam-packed live performances, and relocating to Austin, TX in mid 2007.
Staying true to the four elements of hip hop (the DJ, the emcee, the b-boy, and the visual art of hip hop), Unspoken takes it to a another level with their infectious live performance and stage presence. Combining old school breaks with funk, blues, reggae, break dancing, everyday life, and countless other influences, the group’s sound is unique, inspired, and accessible to a wide variety of music lovers. It has that familiar catch fused with some new ideas that keep the message ripe and the creativity flowing.
But go ahead and scratch out all the labels, explanations, definitions, and background story. The aim of this group is found in the energy of the music itself. As Mr. Metaphysical points out in the group’s 2006 sophomore release, Remember;
“What’s important is unspoken, hence the name of the crew. The truth is way beyond any word that comes through.”
So on that note, we’ll stop with the written word and let the music tell the rest of the story.
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Hip-Hop/RapIndie/Underground Hip-Hop
November 15, 2010
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