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The Eighth Day  (Entire Album)



About the artist

Kinley. Born July 2006, the 3 members, Matthew, Jared and Peter, were on a mission to take music in a serious manner while maintaining the love they had for each other and for the same kind of music. Best friends for years, it was easy for the three of them to have a great connection away from music, and they quickly learned it would not take them much work to establish that connection anywhere else. They immediately started playing shows and recording their own music developing a small faithful audience to every show paying attention to the details of what they needed to take the next step. While grabbing influences from bands such as blink-182 and the beatles, they also were taken by other groups such as minus the bear and moneen. After a year of hard work, in October of 2007 they took to the real time and went into the studio to record their first ep. It was there that they realized they were in this for the long haul. Ever since stepping out of that studio, they have been doing anything in their nature to make this a profession.
In September of 2008, Matt and Peter decided to take the music to a new level and start working as hard as they could in order to make a difference in the world. They were torn leaving Houston and even more torn in leaving behind their best friend in the world, Jared. After moving to Savannah, they found a new friend and bandmate, Colin. They clicked and immediately got to work. A new journey has begun for these young men, and they have much to look forward to along their path of righteousness.
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July 15, 2008
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