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Sonia Tetlow

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Sonia Tetlow

About the artist


This fall, while working on Roxie Watson’s new album and looking through my CDs for reference points, I stumbled upon a picture of myself taken over ten years ago. It startled me, both because I looked like a child and because it was so similar to my current profile pic on Facebook, which was taken by the same photographer ten years later. I began to think about how long and short a decade truly is and reflect upon my journey during the first ten years of the century. In retro I feel so grateful for each misstep along the way, for they led me here, to this time and place now with bands of friends and musical wonders.
Through this collection of songs and the accompanying story you can find in the CD booklet (, I hoped to share with you a bit of my own journey. If you are lucky enough to find what you love to do, hold tight to your heart and just do it. We all have highs and seemingly insurmountable lows, but your passion can see you through, in the moment, every day, for a lifetime. There’s no telling what surprises lay just around the corner, beyond your wildest dreams, but when you choose, with care and craft, to follow your heart, you might just find that the greatest dream of all turns out to be your life. Happy trails everyone! ~ Sonia, 12.21.2011
I am a songwriter and musician, always on a quest to write a good tune and learn ever more this language of music. I’ve been lucky along the way to do more than I ever dreamed, yet I still dream of more. But isn’t that the human way? I currently play with Atlanta alterna-grass group, Roxie Watson, and New Orleans collective, Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show. In the past, I fronted the bands Herman Put Down The Gun and STB, and played bass with New Orleans rock band, Cowboy Mouth, from 2004-2007.


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Alternative/Indie/New Wave/Post-Punk/Rock/Folk-Rock
December 21, 2011
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