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Rusty Pipes

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5th of July (Entire Album)


Rusty Pipes

About the artist

Rusty Pipes was a group of all American boys brought together in the capital of the Midwest, the great city of Chicago. Founded on the 4th of July, on a rooftop under the rockets’ red glare, Rusty Pipes was Benny Twohats, Perfect Artie, Nick Vegas, Gypsy Davey, and Father Brian David “Davey” Thompson had always dreamed of starting a band with his childhood best friend, Benjamin “Benny” Monson. When they left their hometown of Hastings, MN for college, Davey headed up north a few miles to Minneapolis-St. Paul, while Benny shipped out to Chicago. Both studied performing arts, Davey got his spurs fronting a MN punk band, and Benny played acoustic and sang with the indie rock band Snowpants. Benny moved into an apartment in Bucktown with Arthur “Artie” Jordan, a southern Louisiana transplant by way of New York City who’d been sitting on an unexplainable urge to play the bass but had never seen himself as the band type. When Davey moved to Chicago with his electrics guitars, mohawk, and Marshall half stack the following year, he and Benny wooed Artie into picking up his untouched bass with talk of The Clash and Johnny Cash. Artie in turn drafted Nicholas “Nick” Campbell, a suburban Detroit transplant and veteran performer / DJ / motion graphics artist / photographer / one man band (Dnab Nameno of The Roar of ’84), into playing his children’s mini kit for the band. They sealed the deal watching the fireworks on Nick’s roof on a warm summer night in 2003, and later recruited Nick’s college roommate Brian McCauley to add his Texas-metal-inspired shmeer neers to their final album and farewell shows in 2008. The members of Rusty Pipes possessed the obligatorily eclectic musical interests and CD collections of any modern musicians, though since the founding of the band have set out under the banner of country punk. Rejoicing equally in the age old traditions of folk music, and in the youthful DIY spirit of punk rock, Rusty Pipes’ music seeks the themes common to both: hope, liberty, revenge, hypocrisy, sorrow, adventure, work, wages, booze, loss, romance, injustice, spirit, rage, solidarity; all of which are American dreams.

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Alternative/Indie/Alt Country
September 25, 2008
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