The Fit Guide to the Perfect Swimsuit

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Swimsuit Season

Since the weather is starting to warm up it is time to start looking into summer fashions and by that I mean swimsuits! When I try to look for a swimsuit in the stores I feel overwhelmed because I do not know what size to get and I don’t want to try them all on. Finding a suit that fits is a pain in the neck to me and when I finally find the one I like it’s not in the size I need. Most stores are limited on what you can get as well. That is why I shop online for the most part for clothes because they have more options to choose from plus help you by getting the proper size. To be honest I never knew my measurements until a few months ago. Once you know your measurements it makes shopping for clothes a lot easier. Measuring for a swimsuit is a bit different and I have found a measuring guide to the perfect fitting swimsuit here.

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