Save up to 70% Off Select Yukon Outfitters Camping Hammocks

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Yukon Outfitters

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Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at “Remember when you were a kid and you used to use a pillowcase to ‘parachute’ off your bed, and it was so fun until you decided to jump from the tenth step on the stairs and twisted your ankle so bad that you missed the school carnival? We’re sure you totally learned from your mistake. In which case, there’s NO WAY you’d use either of these Yukon Outfitters parachute hammocks to try it again. But if you do (and again, you really shouldn’t), at least you’ll have a comfy place to lie while icing that ankle.”
$19.99 – $24.99

Whether you’re out on the trail, tailgating, camping, or enjoying your own backyard, Yukon Outfitters hammocks give you the perfect place to relax. All are lightweight, quick drying, and made of high-strength nylon.

This exclusive offer from Woot is good today only and while supplies last.

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