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Strike of the Lyrics  (Entire Album) (Explicit)



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Caper use to Dj in the early 90’s as “Dj Hurricane” and on his mixtapes he begin writing songs and teamed up with his best friend “OSHYN” and formed a rap group called “Brothers from the Moon” . After performing local shows with his partner “OSHYN” “CAPER” continued to craft his music and learned to also make beats.After 19 years of making music “CAPER” continues to amaze us with his talent and creativity. Empoered to make nothing but pure Hip hop He Continued to write and started his own record label “Darkstarz Records” designed for underground Hip Hop and stars that are left in the dark meaning any talented artists who work hard and have a great talent for music. Caper continues to craft his music production under the name “Gee Dark” he creates, Hip Hop, reggaeton, Rap, and experimental beats seeking the ultimate pleasure in music. As a full time single parent, Working a full time job and going to school Caper works hard on his craft while promoting his artists on his label. Searching for a way to expose his music and continue to express himself in perfection he installs positive confidence in everyone he meets for the sole purpose of human perseverance. After crafting his first album “The World that Fell Apart” that is available on itunes. amazon , The Android Market and over 250 major store outlets. Caper released a free mix-tape Cd called “Cubes The Ep’ for any potential fan of Hip Hop music. Currently he is working on a newer album which he promises will be more ona commercial level so he can reach more people with his presence.
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Hip-Hop/RapEast Coast Hip-Hop/Indie/Underground Hip-Hop/Hip-Hop Hitmakers
August 27, 2012
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