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 Dreaming All Day (Entire Album) (Explicit)



About the artist


When you think of Jersey Demic you must think of drive, consistency, and passion. Demic was born in St. Joseph, Dominica after his mother had to walk to a nearby clinic when the contractions became stronger. Demic spent a few years in Dominica before his family migrated to The USA. The family drove from Michigan to New York in an old car that broke down a few times in between. They arrived in Harlem right in the midst of the crack era in the late 80s. After bouncing around New York City Demic’s family moved to New Jersey where his father got a job at a nearby factory. Demic began his love for music when his father bought him a Casio for his first Christmas gift at age 9. He started writing his own raps at age 13 after listening to 2pacs All eyez on me, a cd which his sister owned. “I loved 2pacs ability to make great emotional records like Life goes on, I aint mad at cha, and Heaven got a ghetto,” said Demic. Around age 15 Demic had a few minor run ins with the law. His mother threatened to send him back to Dominica if he kept getting in trouble. Demic felt as though the teachers in the school was targeting him unfairly. He then considered dropping out of high school after a string of several suspensions as a high school junior. The schools principal convinced Demic to stay in school and finish up his diploma. After high school Demic started working with a group of friends, they went by the name “Bitta Blockz.” After the group dismembered Demic continued to work with ST who helped him fine tune his lyrics, delivery, and flow as the group 3030. Demic however was not done with run ins with the law. Demic had an incident with police in Central Jersey where him and a car full of friends were leaving a party and was accused of causing a disturbance in the neighborhood. After Demic refused to get out of the car, the police dragged him out and a scuffle ensued. Demic still has the scar on his cheek til this day. The charges were eventually dropped and Demic moved to Florida in order to concentrate on his career in music. His music career started to go in the right direction in Orlando after his independent album “Walk on Water” received a great review from The Orlando Weekly. Demic also created a following after creating affiliations with the local radio station. Demic and some of his friends sat with his brother about whether he should pursue a career in music or film. Demic’s brother chose film which was a great fit for him as he shot many local artists videos. Demic then moved back to New York City where he essentially started over with the help of long time associate Bawsten. Demic & Bawsten initially had disagreements but their passion for success in the business overcame any ill wills they had toward each other in the past. Bawsten joined Demic on The Hot Import Nights national tour which came to fame after a series of Fast and the furios movies hit the theatres in the early 2000s. Bawsten caught a break in 2011 when he was noticed by rap superstar 50 cent for his amazing marketing abilities. Demic’s brother Dwayne also made some strides in his career when he was hired as lead editor and story producer for Nick Cannons documentary series. Demic released his second musical project The Rat Race LP which documented his experience while working in America’s biggest city(Manhattan). Demic is currently working on a third project which is tentatively titled “Black America.” At the time of this release the title is not final.
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February 13, 2014
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