Google Play Free Song of the Day 4/11/2015

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Kick Drum High Hat (Entire Album)



About the artist

Amusium is born out of an obsession with all music, but with roots planted firmly in electro, orchestral, J-pop, house, and film scores.Russell Carlton Huiskamp—singer, songwriter, producer—spent the majority of his musical upbringing playing classical piano and training to be a composer. But, it wasn’t long until his interest in creating music grew to include film scoring, electronic music, musical theater, songwriting, producing, and eventually, pop.
Eclectic, energetic, and heartfelt, he strives to be both unique and approachable with his music, drawing on limitless inspiration from all types of composition, visual art, fashion, technology and foreign culture.
Self-producing and self-releasing his debut collection of EPs, the New York-based artist is currently offering his new songs, for free, at
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July 27, 2012
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