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Tuberculosis ft. Darren Hanible (Explicit)



About the artist

Lega-c isn’t a rapper. Lega-c isn’t anything you’d think he’d be. Growing up in PG County directly across the line between Maryland and Washington,DC, Lega-c refused to become a product of his environment. Surrounded by thugs, low lives, and degenerates; Lega-c was usually the outcast, the misfit, the nerd, the guy nobody liked. He was different, the way he talked the way he dressed, the way he carried himself, something was so off about this kid that it seemed to flawlessly work for him. In fifth grade Lega-c picked up a pen in class during a rainy day, and wrote a long, incoherent verse called “Titanium Man”. The class loved it and Lega-c quickly became the one the class went to when they wanted some musical entertainment.¬†Later on, throughout grade school and college, Lega-c refined his craft and in September of 2009, released his first mixtape; “The SmarTrip Chronicles”. Though most reviews were positive, Lega-c couldn’t help but yearn for more.After his semi-success with his first project, Lega-c continued creating music and started getting notoriety throughout his local area. Since then, his buzz has grown to a monstrous level and can only go up from there.¬†Now, Lega-c is embarking on an entirely new journey. After a long quiet period between his last project “Pulling On Her Heartstrings”, Lega-c has decided to begin working on his debut album. He refuses to fail and clearly shows this with his first single “Tuberculosis”. Join Lega-c on this ride and we promise you will not be disappointed.
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Hip-Hop/RapEast Coast Hip-Hop
November 17, 2011
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