Cozy Cat Furniture Cat Furniture Perch for Old and Lazy Cats Review #cozycatfurniture

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 We just recently received the Cat Furniture Perch for Old and Lazy Cats from and I was pretty sure Halo knew it was for her!


Now Halo is not an old cat, but she is a “four year” old lazy one at that. Since our two elder cats had left us and went over that rainbow bridge it has just been her. Oh but she has new siblings now just not her kind, these new siblings bark and she’s rather not deal with them.

014What is great about this whole process of un-boxing and putting the perch together was it was EASY. As there were only a few screws and one tool that was included. Also, it came with instruction papers.

I believe the whole process took roughly about ten minutes to put together and that is with a pup in our face the whole time.110

Once the Cat Furniture Perch for Old and Lazy Cats was completed Halo was quick to jump on and check it out!


Once Halo made it to the top she quickly claimed it as “her spot” and started to groom herself.


Overall she loved her new perch and for us, well we love it too. It was very simple to put together and the material is very strong and sturdy. Having this perch allows her to have her own place. This also eliminates her from getting on the furniture and chairs.  This could possibly last her a lifetime. We made sure to put it right next to the window so she could enjoy looking out and viewing our new neighborhood.


Product Description

Our new cat playground is the perfect height for perching and looking out windows. It features three padded steps for easy climbing to the top perch and great for daily cat nap. The sisal posts are good for scratching and keeping your cat’s nails healthy. This cat furniture perch is great for old and lazy cats, cats with with injuries and other disabilities that are not so active during the day.

Cat Furniture by

  • Overall size: 18” L x 18” W x 39.3” H
  • Color: Ivory (Faux Sheepskin)
  • Covering material: Faux Fleece. It is very soft and has same quality as regular carpet, except the regular carpet is heavier.
  • Board material: Strong Pressed Wood
  • Base: 18” x 18”
  • Three padded steps: 18” x 8”
  • First step is 10” off the ground
  • Second step is 19” off the ground
  • Third step is 27” off the ground
  • Cat perch wit lazy back on top: 12” in diameter
  • You can clean the cat furniture easily with a vacuum cleaner or mild detergent.
  • Assembles in minutes! All needed tools and instructions are included.
  • Free Shipping to Continental US

More information about: 

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We personally select every item in our store and truly believe that the cat furniture we carry will not only satisfy your pets but will be great addition to your existing décor. In same time we make our best to provide and excellent service to YOU.

Shopping with you will find one of the largest selection of pre-manufactured or custom made cat condos. We have no hidden fees or sales tax, and we assure you best quality at your doorstep with best prices.

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  1. Dianna Davis says

    What a great gift for you furbaby. Halo looks as if that is the spot to be in for the moment. Thanks for sharing this withall

  2. LOL, I thought when I first read this that the cozy cat furniture was a cardboard box, but I hadn’t scrolled past the first picture anyway, the cat furniture looks like something your kitty is going to enjoy has a lot of places he can climb. You will be your fur friends best friend now..I’m sure he is going to love it!

  3. Jennifer Shelton says

    I also thought it was a box haha! But cats do love boxes!

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