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The Legend of Homebwoi (Entire Album) (Explicit)



About the artist


“Far More Than Meets The Eye” Some artists have it while others don’t. But, when it comes to artist and producer Homebwoi, it’s definitely clear that there’s something there. As an Artist, Producer, Engineer, and master of Multi Media Design & Development, Homebwoi has all of the elements to make his self-contained movement work. Already recognized by national top tier publications like Fader, Dub, and Ozone this artist who describes his sound as southern hip hop with a twist is already winning on a number of levels. “I like being able to stay relative with any style as well as make music that anyone can relate to,” says Homebwoi. “I don’t have to put on a front or certain image to express myself. I do it through my music”.Born and raised in Griffin, GA, Homebwoi is a product of a single parent home. Although his father was always present to spend time, things were still just as hard. After realizing his talent at the age of 10, Homebwoi embarked on his journey in music. Influenced by his parents who he describes as “like night and day,” due to them both having special qualities about themselves, he was encouraged to live life to the fullest extent. Now, he does just that through his music. “Since I’m both an artist and producer my creativity depends on my mood,” says Homebwoi. “I ride home a lot in silence and listen to the ambience. Somehow through it all I’ll end up either having music in my head or a hook just comes to me.” Influenced by greats like Prince, Michael Jackson, and Dr. Dre, he fuels his music with real life experiences. Using creativity and humorous ways he portrays life and the average things that most people overlook. Self described as creative like Andre 3000, animated like Ludacris, yet witty like Kanye West, he makes for an impressive mixture of talent and the creative. Formerly signed to Collipark Music/Asylum and having performed at a number of big events like BET Spring Bling, MTV Nokia Unwired at Hard Rock Live, and Soul Train to name a few, Homebwoi has had strong success in the artist arena. While his lyrics or production have caught the attention of many his productions can be found on albums and mixtapes for artist like B.O.B, BG, Ying Yang Twins, Play Boy Tre, DJ Khaled, and in rotation on Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno, NFL Films, and ESPN. He has even featured in the popular video games NFL Street and Madden2K11. Now currently working his new single entitled “The Baddest” and in process of finishing up a pilot to his cartoon “Same Thang Different Day” starring comedian Black Boy of BET Comic View, Homebwoi has a lot of good projects on his plate. Determined to make a much bigger impact this time around the sky is definitely the limit. Description provided by artist representative


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Hip-Hop/RapSouthern Hip-Hop
November 23, 2011
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