Google Play Free Song of the Day 1/24/2015

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General Fuzz

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Miles Tones (Entire Album)


General Fuzz

 About the artist


Electronic music with the emphasis on music. I’ve tagged it as “lush melodic instrumental electronica.” That should help you imagine what it sounds like. But why stop there? Go and freely stream or download it. It’s awesome in the car. Or in your room. Maybe where your computer is. Its even possible that you’re in front of your computer right now. I like that. That’s sexy. I have six albums available for free download on my website, along with some lesson’s I’ve learned. Thanks for listening.Description provided by Provided by artist representative



They may ask for credit card information through Google Play, but it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged!





Additional information
Ambient Downtempo New Age Instrumental
October 20, 2011
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Internet connection
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