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Swan Dive Bomb (Entire Album)



About the artist

Palefighter began as the solo recording project of Matthew Carano in the summer of 2005 which spawned two records. As a songwriter, Matthew writes deeply personal, intimate music that describes relationships mostly, but not in a trite way. He delivers his meaningful lyrics with a powerfully driven voice that finds solace in melancholic melody. The first album, Swan Dive Bomb (August 2007), is a guitar driven, indie layerfest that showcases Carano’s vocal skill. It is young and cautiously hopeful in spite of itself. Swan Dive Bomb is the celebration of duality; how something can be beautiful and grotesque, delicate and powerful.
The second album, Calilope (December, 2011) is the beginning to end storyline of Carano’s three and one half year hiatus to Northern California. It is the story of his broken heart, influenced by western music, recorded bi-coastal in a small Oakland apartment and a beautiful New Hampshire studio.¬†Currently, Palefighter is and electro-folk trio featuring Jon Briggs and Jeremy Murphy. The three seamlessly layer moody pads generated by iPad apps, keyboards, bass, pedals and Kaossilators to shelter acoustic guitar and vocals.
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IndieHard Rock
August 1, 2007
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