Google Play Free Song of the Day 1/05/2015

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Muses & Grace (Entire Album)



About the artist

Erothyme is the artistic moniker of Bobby West; with a unique flavor of digital space funk and a foundation in electronic audio beginning at age 12, he crafts galactic grooves in the electronic domain and performs all-original sets with live stream-of-consciousness synth-keyboard improvisation. Originally from the land of Virginia, Erothyme has since lived on both US coasts and numerous places in between, gathering experiences and influences from many realms of consciousness, and performing at shows, parties, and festivals such as Photosynthesis, Big Dub, and Impulse. As of Fall 2012, his releases include four LPs and two EPs, many of which are available for free at

He has also done remixes for Emancipator, Invisible Allies, Skytree, Subaqueous, Wahrk, and Hitori Tori. Description provided by Provided by artist representative


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