Google Play Free Song of the Day 12/11/2014

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Preoccupied (Entire Album)



About the artist

Unarguably the best band named Goodyear that has ever existed, Portland Oregon’s Goodyear have been in a state of perpetual change since they officially formed in the spring of 2003. Initially the teenage fantasy of high school friends Michael Schuster and Jonathan Harn, Goodyear finally became a reality with the addition of friends and former co-workers Aaron Mattern and Mike Iannantuano, and the man allegedly known as Theo Brown. Goodyear has never sounded better! Their unique blend of breakneck rhythms, ska-influenced staccato guitars, bouncy basslines and warm keyboard funk all serve as the catalyst for lyricist Mike Schuster’s apparent on stage self-exorcism. Their fun, often funny and always high energy rock shows bring to mind a more hopeful time of when, as Northwest author and rock enthusiast Matt Love fondly put it “The Clash met malt liquor and young people believed in change”.
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