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We are moving!! Yup, we will soon be officially homeowners! Over the summer my husband and I have been searching for a house for our family. In reality we had been looking for a home for a little over a year. We have a pretty big family, at least I think so! There is me, dad, three boys, one girl, one cat and dog. I was hoping we could find a house before the new year of school had started so we would have to take the kids away from their new friends. Our closing date is on 17th of October so within that time I will one busy bee!

I will be here to share some awesome things, just not as much. I love packing and getting everything ready for our new home, but on the other hand it is stressful. I am trying to get the other schools ready for my son whom I will call “A”. He has Cerebral Palsy and I am so nervous and scared as to how he will cope with that change! “A” has been with his personal assistant for almost five years and everyone knows “A” and his assistant knows what he needs and how to take care of him. I am sure in time “A” will adjust, but I am scared because he cannot verbalize what he needs and he tries to tell you with body language. As a mother we cannot help to worry right? I just want him to be accepted and loved in his new school as he is now in the old school. With this new move and big change in our lives we will be adding a new member to our big family as well. A new puppy! So, with the move and craziness we will be having this sweet little puppy roaming around the new house. Potty training and all that stuff will be fun all over again. Our lives are going to literally feel like they are turning upside down, but only for the better. This is a new chapter in our lives and I feel it will be wonderful!


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